Yijia Weng

Yijia Weng

Undergrad in Computer Science

Turing Class, Peking University


I am a third-year undergraduate at Turing Class, Peking University and a research intern at Visual Computing and Learning Lab, advised by Prof. Baoquan Chen. Currently, I am a summer intern at Geometric Computing Group, Stanford University, working with Prof. Leonidas Guibas.

My research interests are in computer graphics and 3D vision. In particular, I am interested in solving practical vision/graphics problems using deep learning. I will apply for PhD programs this fall.


  • BSc in Computer Science, 2017-2021 (expected)

    Turing Class, School of EECS, Peking University


(2020). Unpaired Motion Style Transfer from Video to Animation. SIGGRAPH 2020.

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